December 22, 2014

The holiday season has gone by way too fast, but I am cherishing Christmas week! Nick has been given the next two weeks off, and we are having a Christmas stay-cation.


Drinking coffee. I’d love to be drinking hot chocolate and I think I am going try my hand at making some this week. I would love to try this Naughty Nice Hot Coco with Spiked Eggnog Marshmallows from my favorite food blog, Half Baked Harvest:

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or maybe one of these:

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Baking lots of Christmas goodies. Right now I have the dough for these chocolate snowball crinkle cookies in the fridge. They seem pretty easy to make and don’t require any crazy ingredients!

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Feeling the Christmas spirit.

Watching as many Christmas movies as I can. Nick and I have a tradition of watching The Grinch and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Reading The Things They Carried. I just started it and I like it a lot so far. I haven’t really been crazy about some of the other books I have been reading lately . I  even stopped reading a few, which I usually don’t do. I think I am in need of a trip to the bookstore. Do you have any book recommendations for me?

Planning to make these pancakes on Christmas morning. It’s the easiest recipe for homemade pancakes, and they are soooo good. I don’t make pancakes very often, but this has become my Christmas tradition.

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Wrapping presents. I found the cutest “Special Delivery” printable gift tags that you can customize with the recipient’s name! They look so cute on packages.

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I also printed out these gift tags – they have lines from my favorite Christmas movies! They are so much cheaper and way cuter than the tags you buy in the store! I am loving how all of my presents turned out.

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Missing my family. It feels weird not to be in New York for Christmas, but I am feeling very lucky that I have the chance to celebrate Christmas for a second time in January. January is always a major bum for me, with Christmas over, so I am really thankful that I have going home to my family and friends to look forward to.

Anticipating the movie Unbroken, which is coming out on Christmas Day. There are no words to describe how powerful, inspirational, and moving this book is. I absolutely  recommend it to everyone, and I am really looking forward to seeing the movie.

Loving that Nick just finished up all of his finals and is officially halfway done with his MBA! He has been working so hard so I am really happy he has a few weeks off from work and school to relax and recharge.

Pinning all of the Christmas things. I stocked up on chocolate so that I would be able to bake whatever cookies I happen to stumble upon over the next week.

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What are you up to this week? How are you celebrating Christmas? What are your favorite Christmas recipes?

5 responses to “Currently during Christmas week”

  1. Melanie says:

    Merry Christmas! I love all of the recipes you picked!
    Melanie @

  2. Holly S. says:

    I need to follow you on Pinterest–such cute stuff!! This post is all christmasy and I love it 🙂 I’m sorry you’re missing family but I’m glad you will get to see them in January!

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