April 4, 2019

Now that the weather is warming up and I am coming out of my hibernation, I can see why everyone loves DC so much. I’m still not totally sure what I think about living here, but there are some things that I love, like being able to walk/metro everywhere and all of the free museums and things to do.

The other day, I was on the Metro and there were all these tourists with their guidebooks planning out their day. It hit me that I again live in a place that people travel to. There is so much to see and do here. I want to make the most of our time here and not take anything for granted.

So, we’re trying to do one new thing per week. Here’s what we’ve gotten up to so far!

We took a tour of the Capitol Building, which was really fun (and free!)

We found King Kamehameha’s statue while we were there! He was the Hawaiian King who united all of the Hawaiian islands under his rule. The tour was really interesting and I especially loved seeing where the Supreme Court originally was! We went on a Saturday but I’d like to go back during the week.

Christy, her husband, and her baby girl came to visit. She took us to Ted’s Bulletin for their famous pop tarts. When a friend came into town we went back and also splurged for a chocolate cream pie.

We checked out a few museums, including the Air and Space Museum. I’ve been to this museum a bunch of times but it never gets old. While we were there, we also went to their movie theatre to watch Apollo 11. Using all real footage, some never before released, it tells the story about the first landing on the moon. It doesn’t use any actors or narration, just recordings from back then. It was amazing!

I even found a little model of Mauna Kea!

We also went to the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, which is home to Asian art. They currently have an exhibition called Encountering the Buddha. That was the highlight for me. I loved it! Even with a whole afternoon to spare, we didn’t even have time to see everything. We’re definitely going back.

We went to Georgetown Cupcakes more times than I care to admit. Peanut Butter Fudge is my current favorite.

My parents came into town for the Yankee/Nationals Spring Training Game. Even though it was rainy and cold, we had a lot of fun. And Tuesday was Military Appreciation Day at Nationals Stadium, so we went to the game for free! I think it’s hilarious that we’ve already been to two Nationals games when we have never followed baseball before.

We found our new favorite burger place called Good Stuff.

And that was our March! In between adventures we’re still working on getting our house put together. If you just walk in it looks like everything is away but we still have unopened boxes and things shoved into closets. Plus, we’re getting a shipment of things that we put into storage when we moved to Hawaii, so that will keep us busy. Thankfully, we live in a place where it’s not hard to find something to do to get us out of the house.


6 responses to “March DC Adventures”

  1. Audrey says:

    I love this! The one new thing a week is a great idea! It’s cool that you’ve found so many Hawaii references in DC. Makes you feel a little connected to “home” and home! I’m jealous of all the yummy places you have to choose from! We went to Scottsdale for vacation last month and went to a spring training game for the Indians. We NEVER go to the games in Ohio. Hahaha. When in Rome, I guess!

  2. SO many fun things to do! Our 8th grade trip to DC got canceled because it was right after 9/11 so I have never been.
    Those pop tarts and pie look so good and OMG I’d love to go to Georgetown someday for cupcakes. I remember seeing them on TV.

  3. Amanda says:

    WOW!! I feel like you’ve done more in one month than I did in my first few years living here. Go you!!

    Next time you’re in Georgetown, you should try my favorite cupcake place, Baked n Wired! YUM!

  4. kristen says:

    we moved into our house 2 years ago this month and still have unopened boxes – oops! all the food looks SO good. i want to eat it all. i love the one new thing a week idea – so cool!

  5. Amanda says:

    Ahhh so glad I found your blog! I used to live in DC and loved it so much… I miss it! It is so cool living in a place where you bump shoulders with tourists on the metro. I loved that feeling. Makes you realize how cool of a city it really is! I live in Seattle now and there are tons of tourists here too, but DC just had a different vibe totally unlike Seattle. I have DC guide on my blog with lots of my favorite spots – check it out if you’re curious! 🙂

  6. Julie says:

    That chocolate cream pie looks DIVINE! I’m so glad you’re enjoying DC! DC is such a great place, it’s been ages since I’ve been but will definitely have to hit it up again this year and I hope you take me to eat some choc cream pie!!

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