February 16, 2022

I’ve heard so much about the “terrible twos” that I was really worried about what was going to happen to my sweet baby when she turned two.

She’s now over two and a half and for me, having a two year old has been absolute magic.

Okay yes, she does have lots of tantrums and opinions and feelings, but I want her to feel her feelings and express her opinions. There are power struggles. She would also much rather play than sit at the table and eat, but we’re working on it.

Probably the biggest surprise throughout all of this is that I have a lot more patience for the tantrums and power struggles and feelings and uneaten dinners than I thought I would. I have learned so much about myself and my triggers just by being with her and I’ve been able to overcome a lot of things that I thought would hinder me. I’m figuring out what’s important to me when it comes to parenting and what battles I’m willing to let go.

Nick gets her up every morning, and when I come downstairs, every time she sees me in the morning, she says, “It’sssssssss……. MAMA!” and she gets so excited to see me. She loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses. We spend so much of our time snuggling on the couch or in my bed, reading books. Sometimes she just wants to snuggle and listen to music.

She’s been the best pregnancy buddy. Whenever I tell her I need to rest on the couch for a minute she comes and snuggles with me. Sometimes we watch TV, sometimes we read books, sometimes we just snuggle.

We let her pick out her own clothes, and the outfits she picks out are wild, ridiculous, and amazing. We let her wear whatever we want and we always tell her she looks great. Because she does.

When she sleeps, scrunches herself up in a little corner of her crib, which she fills with blankets and stuffed animals. She asks to play with me a lot, but she’s also perfectly content playing on her own. I’m not sure if I had a hand in her ability to play on her own but I’ve always kind of pushed her to do her own thing while I do what I need to do. It’s amazing.

Whenever she asks to play with me I try to at least for a few minutes because I know the days of her wanting to be with me all the time are limited. She loves when Nick, me, and her all all together. She asks if we can do something all together, “with all the family.”

Whenever I tell her we’re going on an adventure, she runs to the door to find her socks and shoes. She’s always up for exploring. She is really such a fun buddy.

She makes up songs and we all sing them. She says the most amazing things. I try to write them down. She is absolutely convinced that the baby’s name is going to be “I love you.”

I feel like the older she gets, the more fun we have together. It helps me when I look back and mourn the baby she was, because I love getting to know this magical girl and seeing the person she becomes.

2 responses to “Two Year Olds Are Magic”

  1. Chelsea says:

    This is so sweet and SO true!

  2. Audrey says:

    Love love love the 2 year old stage, too! M makes up little songs and loves when the three of us are home <3 I'm jealous that you have such a little cuddle bum. We do not unless she's feeling sick, lol. But yay for an independent, adventurous, loving child!! You're doing great!

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