September 14, 2016

I don’t always post two days in a row, but when I do, it’s to tell you that I have a guest post over on Ashley’s blog, The Wandering Weekenders! I can’t remember how we found each other’s blogs, but I’ve been reading her blog for a while now. I love her travel style, and her posts are always filled with the best travel tips. Plus, she is just so sweet. She took the time to email me lots of information to help me plan my trip to Harry Potter World. I recently stumbled across one of her old posts about Napa, and we went to all the same wineries and restaurants, which makes me love her even more.

Anyway, my post is called “How to be a spontaneous traveler,” and it’s all about how Nick and I save money for spontaneous trips and make them happen with not much notice. Because of his job with the military, things are always changing. I always want to be ready to go home or take a last-minute trip whenever the opportunity arises.

Read it here!

I turned off comments today, so please go over to her blog and check out my post! And you might just find yourself drinking wine outside a cafe in Denmark in the middle of winter!


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