October 19, 2016

It’s a huge compliment when another blogger says something nice about your blog, and I was so touched when Sarah nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Sarah is one of my favorite bloggers. She said this in her own post, but I have to repeat it because it is so true — we really are kindred spirits. She is an American poet getting her graduate degree in England. I was drawn to her blog because of her stunning photos, but I quickly fell in love with her writing. You can tell she is a poet from her posts. I love how real and honest she is. I feel like I can relate a lot to her when she talks about being far from home, and I love reading about all of her travels.

All you have to do when another blogger nominates you for the Versatile Blogger Award is to write 7 things about yourself, which I thought was perfect timing since I’ve been connecting with a lot more people lately on the blog and love posts like this.

Read Sarah’s post here. I loved getting to know her a little better through that post and hopefully I can share a little bit more about myself too. Here I go:

1. I was born and raised in New York, where most of my family still lives. My college is less than 2 miles from my high school. So, the last life I ever expected for myself was one where I move around every couple of years, but now I can’t imagine it any other way.

2. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school, where we wore pleated skirts and knee socks and penny loafers, and a lot of us didn’t bother to do makeup. We even named our messy buns after our school. Most of those habits stuck with me. I never learned how to do to makeup and I throw my hair into a bun all the time, or a braid if I’m feeling fancy. I recently got rid of all of my high heels after realizing that I really am never going to wear them. I always choose to be comfortable even if it means my fashion lacks, because what’s the point of being uncomfortable in your own clothes?

3. I took the Pottermore patronus quiz and my patronus is a Calico Cat. At first I didn’t like that result. I wanted an owl. But then I remembered what I wrote about my cat Mollie, and I thought it was very apt. In that post I wrote that I admire cats because they are strong, independent, and always land on their feet and that is how I would like to be, so I’ll take a Calico Cat patronus. My husband took the same quiz and got Husky, which is 100% accurate for him. Clearly I have thought about this too much.

Nick and I also are both Ravenclaws which I think is very important to add right now.


4. I love to make scrapbooks. Real life scrapbooks, with ticket stubs and stickers and pretty paper and pictures. I make a scrapbook for Nick every Christmas that chronicles the year we had together. I’ve been doing this since our first year dating. I know it sounds corny but he really does love them. It’s become our Christmas tradition to get some wine and slowly go through all of the scrapbooks together. Last year I didn’t get to make Nick a scrapbook because we were PCSing and things just got crazy so I am a little behind, but I am working on catching up.

5. My current favorite authors are Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman.

6. Nick had to take a personality test called The Keirsey Temperament Sorter for work. He has had to take these a couple of times and always gets the same results, which he thinks are pretty accurate. So he asked me to take the same one. I found out that I am INFP:

“Full of enthuasiams and loyalties, but seldom talk of these until they know you well. Care about learning, ideas, language, and independent projects of their own. Tend to undertake too much, then somehow get it done. Friendly, but often too absorbed in what they are doing to be social. Little concern with possessions or physical surroundings.”

This kind of sounds like a fortune cookie, but I think that it also really describes me.


7. I love mornings. Give me a sunrise, a cup of coffee, and a book, and I will be a happy girl. I usually can’t stay up past 9pm.

I am not going to nominate people for the award because I did a similar thing about a year ago, but I love reading posts like this from other bloggers. If you want to write a bunch of facts about you, please send me the link! And if you have a post like that, please share it in the comments. I would love to read it.

Thank you Sarah for nominating me! It really did make my day.


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22 responses to “7 things.”

  1. Audrey says:

    I was a Ravenclaw until they revamped the site and I had to redo the sorting hat ceremony. Now it has me in Gryffindor. (Ugh. I’m a Ravenclaw, though. Pretty upset about it- though Gryffindor is my #2 choice.) And I got a basset hound- hahaha. I’m ok with that. Ha.

    I’m a scrapbooker, too. And my personality is INFJ!

    • Carolann says:

      Ohhh another scrapbooker! I knew I liked you. Also, nothing against Gryffindors, I love Gryffindors, but I do see you more as a Ravenclaw! I’m glad to know other people who take this as serious as me!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I am fascinated by personality tests and went through a stage a year or so ago where I was making everyone around me take them. They can be scarily accurate. I am an INFJ.

    I wish I was a morning person. It would make life easier since my day start at 6:00. I greet each day with a full dose of moaning and groaning.

    • Carolann says:

      Ohh another INFJ, just like Audrey, who commented right above you! My husband is pretty close to that which might be why I like you two so much. I was never much of a morning person, but I think that Hawaii made me a morning person. The mornings here are quiet and cool so it makes me want to get up and go for a walk or a hike before the sun gets too hot.

  3. I’m not about the high heels either! Blech! I’m all about sneakers and sweats when I’m not working!

    I’m definitely an early bedtime girl too. I mean, I could honestly go to bed at around 3 (ha!) but usually hit the hay around 10. I feel like such an old lady. I think I just have an old soul. 🙂 Oh, and a toddler – they’re exhausting!

    • Carolann says:

      Sweats and sneakers all the way! In high school we used to wear sweatpants under our skirts on our way to and from school to be more warm and more comfortable. It was a good way to go to high school, not having to worry too much about your appearance and working on other things instead. It’s not for everyone but I liked it a lot.

      A few nights ago my husband I wanted to go to bed at 7pm but we made ourselves stay up until 8:30 because we were worried we wouldn’t sleep through the night! Once we have kids to look after I’m not sure how we will do it! Early bedtimes are the best.

  4. Sarah says:

    Ahh I love this post, my heart feels so full! I feel like we have so much in common – I also (started out) at a Catholic school, and am a big messy-bun connoisseur. I love to scrapbook as well, but lately I’ve just been putting all my ticket stubs etc in a big tub awaiting scrapbooking…it’s starting to overflow!! What we do differ on is I am NOT a morning person… actually until recently. With my new commute I’ve been getting up at 5, and I’ve come to love the feeling of being awake before the rest of the world is. As always, I loved reading 🙂

    • Carolann says:

      I never used to be a morning person! But Hawaii is so peaceful in the morning that I always want to get up to enjoy it. And my husband has to get up at crazy hours for work, like 4 or 5 am, so I just kind of slowly started to like being up before everyone else and enjoying the quiet. I took such a long break from scrapbooking when I just didn’t have time but luckily I saved all my tickets and pictures and now I’m so excited to be back into it. Thanks again for nominating me, this was a lot of fun!

  5. I didn’t go to all girls Catholic school, but I did go to private school where we had a similar uniform. I loved being lazy and not having to worry about what I had to wear, but it did make it difficult trying to pick out outfits in college! It really is crazy how you pretty much stayed in the same area your whole life only to move around a lot later. And yes to all things scrapbook! I used to scrapbook a lot but now I try to just do photobooks.

    • Carolann says:

      I have to say, that not knowing how to put together outfits in college (and still now, I am so bad at it!), was the major downfall of wearing a uniform in high school. I still am glad I wore the uniform, it just made it harder later. I love photo books! I usually make them for our big trips with lots of photos or send them to Nick when he’s deployed cause I don’t want to risk a scrapbook getting lost. I use Adorama (http://www.adoramapix.com) – and seriously they have the best quality photo books! The pages lay flat!

  6. I’m definitely all about comfort and messy buns as well. And makeup…well, I probably wear it twice a month. I have always been pretty low maintenance.

    • Carolann says:

      I like being low maintenance! It’s more comfortable and easier! My husband takes at least twice as long as me to get ready to go out and I have no idea what he’s doing!

  7. Julie says:

    I am still learning how to put make-up on! Right now I have a routine where I think I look ok! Now that I’m older, I’m all about comfort… And I have sadly wasted so much money buying pretty heels that I don’t wear…

    • Carolann says:

      High heels are just so pretty! But I can’t walk in them and they hurt my feet so I have finally resigned myself to a flats-only policy. It it so much more comfortable and I don’t think anyone even notices! Being 5’1″ is a bit annoying when you don’t wear heels but I am okay with it:)

  8. I love making scrapbooks! Such a fun way to keep memories!

    • Carolann says:

      Definitely! I love looking through them. They are so much fun to make too. When Nick’s working overnight, I get our my wine, play my favorite netflix shoes that he doesn’t watch, and scrapbook:)

  9. Jen says:

    I love mornings too! I love being able to get things done first thing and really just enjoy some quiet time with my little girl.

  10. Rachel G says:

    I’ve loved the scrapbooking hobby since I was a kid–but our moving-around lifestyle doesn’t really allow for it these days. My precious scrapbooks are in storage at my grandparents house because they’re too heavy to devote suitcase space to. I think that’s actually a big part of the reason I picked up blogging–as a replacement for scrapbooking, and it’s a pretty good replacement. But I still love the actual craft, so sometimes I make mini-scrapbooks as gifts and I love handmaking Christmas cards each year which is a bit similar.

    • Carolann says:

      I would love to make Christmas cards! I’ve never made them and every year I think I am going to, but then I never do. I will try again this year. Blogging is a really great way of digital scrapbooking, for me, because I don’t devote so much space to words in my scrapbooks. I like to look back on things and remember how I felt or what I thought was worth writing down. But luckily for us, the movers will move everything we own so I never have to worry about not having enough space. I will say, though, that in this last move from Connecticut to Hawaii, I was so afraid that the movers would lose or mess up our scrapbooks so I dedicated an entire suitcase to them. Whenever Nick is deployed, I always make him mini-scrapbooks, and he says that they are the best gifts he could get when he’s deployed.

  11. I went to an all girls school too, which I’m pretty glad about. I think I wore a ponytail for 8 solid years until I discovered the joys of straighteners! Frizzy hair problems… Also, I definitely don’t wear heels any more. I’m quite tall anyway so there’s not much point putting up with the discomfort, although sometimes it’s fun to intimidate men with them!

    • Carolann says:

      Frizzy hair problems! I forgot about my beloved straightener. Sadly, there is no point in even attempting to straighten your hair in Hawaii so I just go with the braid and bun. But when I go home, I love to straighten my hair. At 5’1,” heels don’t make much of a difference anyway, and for me they are just so uncomfortable… but I do love when tall women wear heels and are taller than the men! I really liked my all-girls high school. It’s probably not for everyone, but looking back, I feel like I made the right decision for myself and I really enjoyed it.

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