April 22, 2014

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been living on this little island for 8 months, and I am just getting around to writing my first-ever blog post.

One of our first trips to the beach!

One of our first trips to the beach

We landed in Hawaii on August 28, 2013 – 5 days after getting married. It was my first time living away from home and my first time living with Nick. Before that, we spent 5 years in a long distance relationship as Nick went to different schools all over the country through the military and then worked on a submarine.

Fast forward a few months, and we love island living. We live just minutes from the ocean and have been exploring as much as we can.

photo (2)

One of my very favorite hikes

We have also been fortunate to make some great friends who share our love of food and exploring, and to have been visited by some dear family and friends. I think that those visits have been the highlight of living here – being able to share this experience with my family and friends. So, I hope that this blog becomes a way for me to stay connected to my family and friends while living here, since the 6 hour time difference often makes that difficult. Thank you for stopping by!

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