May 4, 2015

We got back from New Zealand on April 5! It took a while to get back into our routine, to finish laundry, and to unpack all of our bags, but everything is back to normal now. Better than normal, really. April was good to us.

I feel like April was a great month for Nick and me. We were able to spend a lot of time together, just the two of us. I feel like sometimes life in Hawaii just seems to be going by so fast, but this month we really got to slow down and enjoy our little island. I am not sure exactly why, but Nick’s workload has seemed to lessen this semester and I am so thankful for that! During the week, we’ve been able to go out for hikes, go down to the beach, and even cook together.


And Nick has been making all kinds of gourmet meals! I usually cook everything during the week, but on the weekends Nick likes to just get in the kitchen and experiment. I am seriously a lucky girl. Our Friday nights usually involve Nick cooking while I read my book, some wine, and Netflix. I absolutely love it.

Other April things….

– When I got back from New Zealand, I found it really hard to get back into blogging. I have so many pictures and stories to share with you from New Zealand and just life in general. But for some reason the words haven’t been flowing. So I need to know what you guys do when you feel like you have writer’s block? Help!

– I read some really great books in April and I am hoping to get up a post about all of them this week!

– April reminded me how important it is to live in the moment. One thing I really love about Nick is that he has found that perfect balance between doing what he has to do for the future and just living for now.


– This month I also realized that I will never, ever have a completely clean house. I have finally accepted the fact that there are so many more important things to do than make sure all of the dishes put away. Please don’t judge me when you come over!

– I celebrated one year of blogging…kinda! I posted about how scary it was for me to start this blog and how much blogging has given me here.

– I am obsessed with this kale smoothie and veggie pizza! That’s all I really want to say about that. Jenny, when are we going back?!

April Reflections the two year honeymoon (5 of 10)

I have so many awesome things planned for May! I don’t want to spoil everything, but they involve travel, a visit from one of my absolute best friends, and a fancy party!

Happy May!

5 responses to “April Reflections — on married life, writer’s block, & pizza.”

  1. Emma says:

    Don’t be afraid of a photo heavy post, or a list style one collecting and linking to a selection of old posts. I find popping up on of these is enough to rest guilt-free and get the creative juices flowing again!

    • Carolann says:

      You know, I have been in search for a cure for writer’s block forever. I’ve been looking at so many different tips and tricks for blogging, but this is one that makes the most sense to me! I am absolutely going to give it a try. THANK YOU EMMA!

  2. Jenny burke says:

    I really do read your blog at 3am, haha! So glad you two have gotten some quality time this last month. We have to get farm cafe before you jet off to the mainland for sure!!

    • Carolann says:

      Thanks SO much for lunch today! I am so glad we got to hang out before I go back to the mainland. And of course that we got to have some Farm Cafe! And thanks so much for reading my blog!

  3. Holly says:

    I’m sooo behind in commenting and catching up on blogs because, like you, I’m stuck in a rut!! You may have been blogging more since this post, but I’m still going to comment anyway 🙂 When I get in a rut, I start small with my weekly thankful posts and then I write down anything that seems like it would be a good topic. Then I just wait until I get a surge of energy to write!! I don’t think it’s bad that you haven’t felt like blogging about your trip–I get like that after big trips because you have SO much you want to share and you probably just don’t want to sit down and write it because that’s time you could be spending with Nick or our hiking or doing other fun things in Hawaii 🙂

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