May 2, 2019

First, thank you so much for all of your well wishes for Baby Girl! We’re so excited and nervous! It’s hard to believe I’m already in the third trimester.

Eating: Chocolate s‘mores cupcakes with chocolate icing and graham cracker crusts. Yup. Nick took different parts of different recipes to come up with this genius concoction. He made them for me (I mean us) while I was out to dinner with some new friends. It was the best surprise to come home to!!

Drinking: Lots of water + tea. When we decided to try for a baby, I slowly cut back on my coffee intake to 1 cup per day. When I got pregnant I stopped that one cup cold turkey. Now coffee doesn’t usually appea to me although I will have a decaf every now and then. I am anticipating needing/wanting lots of coffee come July. But for now I am enjoying experimenting with different teas!

Reading: The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan. One of my new friends here in DC invited me to her friends’ book swap, and I got this book there. They do it twice a year. Everyone brings some books they want to pass along and then we go around taking turns picking books. I got like 10 new books from the swap and I am looking forward to the next one. I think it’s such a great idea!

Turning: 32! Today is my birthday!

Organizing: Our apartment. Still. When we moved to Hawaii we put a bunch of stuff in storage. We just got that shipment back and have been going through and getting rid of a lot of stuff. I’m also trying to organize the things we have bought for Baby Girl so that I can see what else we need.

Crafting: I am really hoping to get caught up on my scrapbook before Baby Girl gets here. I just got a bunch of pictures printed so I’m hoping to get that done this month.

Watching: Game of Thrones! OMG! Also, I’m looking for a light show I can watch while I crochet!

Crocheting: A blanket for Baby Girl. I am sure I will crochet her many blankets over the years but it took me a long time to decide what pattern and colors to use for her first. I’ll share it when I am done!

Cooking: Right now I am on the hunt for freezer meals. We bought a deep freezer and plan to fill it up with freezer meals that we can eat when Baby Girl gets here. I’m pretty new to freezer meals though so I would love any recipes/advice for freezing.

Dreaming: about the beach. I miss the beach so much. DC really isn’t too far from a few beaches, but I haven’t been able to check them out because we don’t have a car. Although we have been managing just fine without a car (and life is much easier car-free if you ask me), we decided we need to get one for Baby Girl. As soon as we get a car, the first place I’m going is the beach. I’d love to have a beach day or two before she gets here.

5 responses to “Currently…”

  1. It’s so cool that you are near me now and I can give recommendations! If you are looking for a great beach, try Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It is the beach I grew up going to and still love.

  2. Audrey says:

    So excited for you 🙂 Also, I’d 100% be interested in a freezer meal post if you decided to write one! I love that you’ve got some new (great!) friends in DC! You’re so good at getting out and making them! It sounds like DC is quickly becoming “home” for you guys!

  3. Nadine says:

    I cant wait to see the blanket you are crocheting! I am sure it is going to turn out beautiful. I didn’t do freezer meals when I was pregnant, and I REALLY wish I had after Zoe got here. So good for you for preplanning that!

  4. Rachel says:

    Crocheting a blanket for your baby is such a lovely idea! And how amazing is Nick for baking for you while you’re out? They look VERY tasty.

  5. Amanda says:

    Hope you had an awesome birthday! Pinch of Yum has a great freezer meal post. Her recipes are yummy!

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